VIDEO: This 2-Year-Old Grabs The Mic And Heads To Center Court. What He Does Next? OMG!

Many great artists have tackled America’s national anthem at the opening ceremonies of a wide variety of sporting events of the years. Few performances of this famous and nationally beloved tune are quite as cute as the rendition that tow-year-old Trent Harris delivered at a local high school basketball game.

Despite his diminutive stature, Trent Harris stood tall, looking dapper is a suit just for the occasion. The toddler knew every word of the detailed United States anthem, and got through the entire song with a rapt and appreciative audience hanging on his every note.

Even when his adorable baby lisp elicited a few delighted titters from the respectful audience, Trent kept on singing the anthem, word for word, and got a huge round of applause at the end of his appropriately solemn and focused performance.

The video recording of Trent’s perfectly performed musical debut was uploaded to Youtube by his proud mother Jessica, and quickly shared around the world with over 700,000 views. The singing toddler’s precocious musical ability has earned him guest appearances on TV shows, and he holds an unofficial record as one of the tiniest and cutest celebrities to ever sing the Star Spangled Banner.

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