VIDEO: They Were Stuck In A Van All Day. What They Did To Pass The Time? I Can’t Stop Smiling!

A group of high school boys were heading home from their weekend baseball tournament. It was a four hour trip from Seattle back to their home. Five hours in the car would make anyone restless. However, the boys came up with a very unique way to keep themselves entertained during their trip. They decided that they were going to make a video of themselves singing and dancing to their favorite country music song.

A song called “Cruise” by the popular group Florida/Georgia Line had come on the radio. They decided that they were going to make their own music video to the song. They sang the song and choreographed their own dance moves to go along with it.

The high school boys showed that they can quickly turn a very boring trip into a fun one. They also decided that they would upload their video online for other people to see. The boys wanted to show the world how easy it is to make some fun out a bad situation.

Although the video was actually recorded a few years ago, it still remains very popular today. The video was posted on YouTube in June 2012. Ever since then, it has received over 1.7 million views.

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