VIDEO: They Were Eating Dinner When They Heard A Scream. What They Found? Chilling

Parents for Window Blind Safety recently put together a short film that shows a child who loses her life by being strangled on the window treatment adjustment cords. The child in the film was not injured in the making of the film; however, though what happened in this particular film is fiction, this tragedy does happen much too often. In fact, as the video states at one point, a child dies every two weeks in this manner. It is scary to think that something that is so common and seems so harmless could actually cost a family their child.

In the video, it was a night just like any other. Two families got together for a dinner party, and while the parents were in the kitchen, the kids were playing in different parts of the house. Once dinner was ready, they realized that something had gone very wrong with their child.

Unfortunately, this is something that happens far too often, and it is especially tragic when you consider how preventable it is. You may think this would never happen to your child, but the truth is that you just never know.

The Parents For Window Blind Safety organization presents a good deal of information about precautions that families can take in order to prevent this tragedy from befalling them and their young children. This information is available on the organization’s website, and it may just save your child’s life if you take a look and learn more about this occurrence.

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