VIDEO: They Thought He Was Cute But Likely Had No Talent. But Seconds Into His Song? WOW!

Almost anyone’s heart would melt at the idea of a 12 year old boy writing a song for a girl that he likes. Henry Gallagher appeared on Britain’s Got Talent to sing a song that he had written himself for an unnamed crush.

The judges thought he was adorable before he even started singing, but then, he began his song and really impressed them. It turned out that he was not only charming and adorable, but he had a real talent as well. He could not only sing, but he coordinated his movements very well and strummed on his guitar beautifully as well.

The song itself was written very well, and it was adorable also. Any 12 year old boy who has had a crush on a girl in his class would be able to relate to what Henry was singing. It was just a very simple portrayal of how it feels to have a crush on someone at that age.

The fact that it was performed so well was astonishing, in addition to all of the aspects of the delivery and the way that Henry presented himself. No one knows who the girl in the song is, but it is hard not to root for him after watching this performance.

Hopefully, when they are a little bit older, she will return his affection as well. It would be hard to imagine her not liking him after hearing this lovely and very well put together performance that wowed these judges.

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