VIDEO: They Started Arguing In The Living Room. How Their Bird Reacts? LOL!

Birds are generally admired for their grace and their colorful beauty. However, some birds, like cockatoos, are also talented mimics.

Peaches is a pet cockatoo. Not only does peaches have the requisite, distinctive and attractive cockatoo crest, but her feathers have a lovely orange tinge, justifying her cute name.

Don’t let the good looks fool you, however. Peaches is not saint, or a singing songbird. In fact, she acts more like a drunken sailor than a harbinger of peace and beauty. Peaches could easily pass for a shrewish fishwife.

Play the video if you want to watch her rant and rail. See her execute her cocky, little cockatoo strut on the bird-feeder.

Go ahead, laugh.

It’s true. Peaches may not have all the necessary human equipment to get the intonation just right. Never mind. Most of the words are close enough for just about anyone to get the gist of the harangue. Peaches needs no elocution lessons to get her point across. And boy can she commit a tone to memory. This bird deserves an Oscar!

In fact, she’s so clever that her Daddy, who’s head is in the video, just smiles at her appreciatively. Never mind that he probably was there and more than likely participated in the original argument. He probably has a cracker in his pocket he intends to give to her after the performance. Peaches undoubtedly knows which side her bread is buttered on.

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