VIDEO: They Setup A Room Full Of Thousands Of Mouse Traps, Then Dropped This On Them. WOW!

This was no ordinary nor traditional New Year’s Eve celebration. Pepsi-Max found a unique and exciting chain reaction that will amaze you when you see this creation. It is almost startling to see that 2015 rang in with ping-pong balls and mousetraps.

This is one enthusiastic and vibrant video that is sure to bring life into the new year. This has taken celebrating to a new and creative level. This is a clever and fabulous way to put to use several mouse traps and ping pong balls. You will never see mouse traps and ping pong balls working together with such magical style. These mousetraps did indeed set off the ultimate Ping-Pong ball chain reaction in 2015.

This will be hard to top off. Watch this video for yourself and enjoy this wonderful creation from Pepsi Max. This is an explosion that bring more than the typical fireworks. You may find yourself dancing with the beat.

This is a mesmerizing display of the enjoyable use of ordinary mousetraps and Ping-Pong balls. This is one celebration video that is sure to go down in history and will certainly not be forgotten any time soon. This just may forever change the New Years celebrations around the world.

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