VIDEO: They Ran Over Their Mother With A Car, But The Reason Why Will Leave You Speechless

In 1999, Annie and Chloe were five and seven years old. They lived in a happy home, with a mother who love them more than anything. One day, they were going on a vacation to their grandparents’ cabin. It was beautiful and overlooked a cliff, and the two girls, along with their three year old little brother, were so excited.

However, while their mother and grandparents were outside dealing with paperwork, the car somehow knocked out of gear and started rolling downhill. It was approaching a cliff, and these two girls were in danger. Their mother made an incredible sacrifice when she ran in front of the car to try to stop it. She could not stop the car, and it ended up rolling over her body, which the girls remember to this day.

However, her body did end up saving the girls’ lives. That bump slowed the car down just enough so that their grandfather could run up to the side and pull the emergency brake, stopping the car from going over the cliff. Their mother miraculously made it as well. However, she is paralyzed from the waist down, since her back was broken in the accident. Amazingly, she says that she does not regret it at all and would do it again, since her sacrifice means that she was able to have all three of her children.

The two girls clearly love their mother very much and see her as their inspiration. She very clearly plays that role.

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