VIDEO: They Put Picnic WHAT Under The Waterfall. When You See What And Why You’ll Be Floored

If you have never enjoyed a meal while soaking your feet below a spillway of a waterfall then your jaw will also be dropping when you discover what some diners enjoy with their meals. This scenario started in a coconut plantation in San Pablo, Laguna.

This is a place in which guests can really have customary Filipino food and also soak their feet as they eat their meal. This is definitely a fabulous and unique dining experience that will intrigue anyone to encourage a fine dine in this wonderful outdoor restaurant that does have picnic tables under a waterfall which is powered by a hydroelectric dam. This is one dining experience that is not seen often.

This setting which had been built originally for growing sugar on a coconut plantation in 1872 has certainly seen some grand and unique changes in its time. This scene now offers an inviting atmosphere in which it is encouraged that every guest enjoy a delicious meal prepared for them and also relax as they soak their feet.

If you can imagine what it may feel enjoy a soothing soak along with a delicious cuisine prepared especially for you then you will certainly want to discover this extraordinary dining experience.

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