VIDEO: They Pick Up This Dying Calf And Return Him Safely To His Mom! They Saved Its Life!

On a farm in Washington state, a mother cow’s tail dances with delight as she watches two men, Rick and Joseph, carry her missing baby boy to her side.

The 2013 day began with a forlorn moo, according to Jacqueline, a woman who works on the farm as a beekeeper and farmer. Jacqueline had noticed that the cow’s newborn calf did not respond to his mother’s calls.

In fact, the calf was nowhere to be found. Eager to reunite the calf with his worried mother, the three workers, Jacqueline, Joseph and Rick, went on a search to find her missing baby. As they surveyed the hay field, they spotted a small creature pressed flat against the ground. It was the calf, lost and scared, ready to see his mother.

As Jacqueline recorded the scene with a camera, the men led the cow to the fence where her child lay on the other side. After transporting the calf closer to the fence, the mother, who stood only a few feet away from her lost child, decided to take a sniff. A moo cry of love rumbled through the air once she had her confirmation. The reunion spurred a feeling of confidence in the calf who stood up and followed his mother’s lead. The video that followed the event captures this adorable moment of the family’s reunion.

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