VIDEO: They Painted An Elephant To Play A Joke, Just Wait Till You See The Reactions, LOL!!

When two gag police officers set up a prop police car to catch unsuspecting people speeding, even the most serious driver couldn’t believe what they saw coming out of the alley. There plain as day was an enormous “pink” elephant, as if that wasn’t enough, he also featured large garish eye makeup and yellow polka dots.

Some were stoic because they were getting a ticket. Their expressions quickly changed from sad faces into shock. The drivers couldn’t believe their eyes and despite their best efforts, they couldn’t get the female officer to turn around to see just what the heck was going on. Their eyes remained on the alley as they tried to get the officer to just glance over her shoulder, just once.

The officer asked one driver if she had been drinking and then went to the cruiser and fetched another prop item, a fake breathalyzer machine. This time she pretended to be busy administering the test. She refused to take a look at the spectacular site they were witnessing.

One driver kept telling her to please just look around the corner, she finally did. A slightly overweight woman came out the same alley wearing a pink dress with you guessed it, big yellow polka dots. The police officer then admonished the driver for poking fun at her size, as if she was as big an elephant.

Then the officer finally turned around and she and the drivers started laughing when they realized that it was a prank.

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