VIDEO: They Mistook Him For Trash, But Watch What Happens When The Sun Starts To Rise

A forlorn Puli, a Hungarian dread-locked dog breed, is wandering the streets. Is he lost or abandoned? It’s hard to tell, but he is a dog with a mission and that mission is companionship. Shunned by those of his own species he persists past those who choose to ignore him.

In the window of a store he spies what could possibly be a close relative, but upon further inspection, it is just a floor mop. Undaunted the Puli presses on. The next prospect is in sight. A human being. A blue collar worker who is a young man who appears to show a passing interest in the dog. The man needs to deliver his Dr. Pepper sodas but the dog intrigues him.

Then something magical happens. Through the mess of fur draped over the Puli’s face, their eyes lock. They stare at each other motionless for a few seconds then with an encouraging wave of the man’s hand the dog bounds toward him and they start their journey together in the man’s delivery truck. Driving down the highway and sticking his head out the window, the Puli takes in the sights and scents on their adventure.

But can the man keep this wayward wanderer? They pull up to an animal shelter. It’s the right thing to do. The Dr. Pepper driver exits the shelter. Taking in the sights and scents of the road, the two continue their journey as companions.

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