VIDEO: They Line Line Up With Their Dogs, Now Keep Your Eyes On The Girl In The Bikini…

The Dachshund “500″ Water Race is one of the cutest events possible, no doubt. Kerry’s family owns 5 sweet miniature dachshunds, all of whom are chock-full of personality and spirit. They adore lounging lazily around the swimming pool during the summertime. These carefree lounging sessions, however, occasionally turn into something a little bit more intense — water races!

The names of the wee water race competitors are Ruby, Valerie, Penny, Snoop and Zeus. They all possess hilarious nicknames which are Rupert, the Blonde Bombshell, Half Cent, The Snooper and Chewie respectively. The Snooper is equipped with the most natural swimming talent out of the entire bunch. The little guy begins doggy paddling while one of his teenage holders is still carrying him up in the air prior to even reaching the water, charmingly enough. It’s no shock that the eager Doxie took first place in this memorable water race. Rupert came in second place in this event.

A lot of people don’t seem to be aware of the fact that Dachshunds are often able to swim so well. This is likely due to their memorable physiques, what with their lengthy shapes and short limbs. If Dachshunds are acquainted with water in the correct manner, they can potentially become extremely impressive at swimming. Dogs of this breed were bred to go after animals such as badgers. However, they were also bred to serve as hunting dogs that have a multitude of different responsibilities and duties.

If you’re the proud owner of a Doxie, he may just be a talented swimmer himself.

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