VIDEO: They Just Got Some Big News. When Grandma Leaves the Room, Grandpa Flips Out!

When Justin Hall and his wife found out that they were expecting a baby, they decided to share it with their parents in the most creative way they could think of. Luckily, they taped the reaction to share with everyone. When Grandma and Grandpa walked into their home, they found a wall with a sign declaring the baby’s future due date–4/27/14–complete with onesies and baby shower gift bags, just in case that wasn’t enough to make the point.

While the grandma-to-be was excited, screaming and running to verify the news, it was the future grandpa who really took the cake. His excited jumping and dancing were likely enough to shake the house as he realized that it wasn’t a joke and his joy set in and took over.

Since the other members of the family were in another room, the true level of his excitement might well have gone undocumented if they hadn’t had the foresight to hide the camera–but now the parents-to-be know exactly how highly their baby is anticipated and exactly how excited Grandpa really is.

The arrival of a new bundle of joy is always exciting for a family, but these soon-to-be grandparents have obviously been looking forward to their role as Official Spoilers for a long time. This is one baby who is certainly going to be spoiled rotten from the very beginning–particularly, many viewers guess, if Grandpa has anything to say about it!

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