VIDEO: They Introduce Their *Lifeless* Son To A Therapy Dog. What Happens Next had Me Crying

Parents dread the the thought of their very own child injured. Six year old , Caleb Howard was in a head on car collision. Caleb suffered many broken bones as well as a traumatic injury to his brain.Doctors weren’t sure how quickly Caleb would recover or if he would be able to recover at all. His parents were heartbroken as their son’s fate seemed undetermined and a mystery.

Caleb’s parents were desperate for a cure and were willing to try all suggestions presented to them. Colonel is a therapy dog and was introduced to a therapy dog named Colonel. Meeting Colonel helped Caleb to become more aware. He begins to have a spark of life that had been absent in the previous weeks.

In time,this young boy began to play fetch with Colonel. This enabled him to be able to control his hands, again. By petting Colonel, he was strengthening his hands, too. Caleb is able to take short walks with Colonel and regain his lost mobility.

The healing powers of dogs are evident with the gains Caleb made while spending precious time with Colonel. His doctors are amazed with Caleb’s colossal results. His parents are overjoyed to have their vibrant son back and they owe much of that success to a furry friend named Colonel.

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