VIDEO: They Had Their Headphones On And Had No Idea EVERYONE Was Listening. LOL!

Studies have long shown that people who wear headphones tend to sing louder than those who do not wear headphones. They do this because the human body wants to be able to hear itself talk.

This is also why people who are part deaf tend to talk louder, as it is their body attempting to hear itself speak. For many individuals, being around someone who tends to talk louder can be rather annoying, especially when going through a store and someone is on their headphones and singing far too loudly.

However, when one individual decided to bring a little bit of joy to shoppers around him, he completely changed the way anyone might look at someone singing with headphones ever again. One man headed out to the Hanford Market, located in Bangor, Maine, while wearing his headphones. In the middle of a crowd, he started to sing “This Little Light of Mine…”.

While he sand, he would clap and just have a good time with the song.

At first, people around him just kind of started to look at hime, wondering what was going on. However, as the song progressed and as he continued to move on deeper into the song, one person started to sing along with him. After the first person started to sing, a second, and then a third person started to sing. Eventually, almost everyone around him sang “This Little Light of Mine” with him, all designed to bring a bit of joy to each other.

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