VIDEO: They Give Granny A BIG Box To Open. But Never In A Million Years Did She Expect THIS!

Giving a grandmother a box and telling her to open it might not be the best thing to do in some cases. There are some surprises that can be a bit shocking, but there are some that are exciting, such as a wedding announcement or the arrival of a new baby. There are also surprises that involve cute, furry, puppies.

When older family members lose a spouse and the children have left home, the house can get a little too quiet. One son wanted to give his father something playful after the family had to put down the family pet.

Another young man did the same thing for his grandmother. She had wanted a puppy to care for, but she was never able to get one. There are people who will say not to get a puppy as a Christmas present, but this grandmother seemed thrilled when she opened her box.

She is given a large box, thinking that something will pop out and scare her. She begins tearing the paper. A puppy lifts his head out of the box, and the grandmother is full of joy as she sees that she has a new pet. She is elated about having a new puppy, and it seems like both of them have made a new friend.

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