VIDEO: They Gave Homeless Man $100 Then Secretly Filmed Him. You Won’t Believe What They Caught

There are people in the world who will give money to someone who they feel is in need. One man gave someone homeless $100.

He didn’t ask the man what he was going to do with the money, but he decided to secretly follow the man to see what the money would be used for, videoing the activity the entire way. Most people want to see that someone who asks for money will spend it on food or shelter.

They will sometimes give the person food instead of giving money because it could be spent on alcohol or drugs instead of on something that the homeless person needs. The man who gave this homeless person $100 wanted to see that the money would be spent wisely.

He had a video camera, and he walked behind the man at a safe distance so that he wouldn’t be seen. The first place that the homeless man went was to a store that sold liquor. This store did sell various food items aside from only liquor.

While the man may have bought something small, the man who followed the homeless person saw that he went to a park to give other people food. This homeless man took the money he was given so that he could give back to others as well. This is the heart of the country.

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