VIDEO: They Found A Dog At The Train Station Tied To A Suitcase. But What Was IN The Suitcase?

One dog has captured the hearts of many people This dog was abandoned at a train station in Scotland. The only thing that the dog had was a suitcase. Inside the suitcase were some of his belongings. There are times when people are unable to care for their pets, but most of the time, they take their pets to an animal shelter so that they can be adopted.

Perhaps this person left he dog at the train station in hopes that he would be found by someone caring, but no one seems to who left him. The dog is a shar-pei mix. His name is Kai. The items inside his suitcase included a pillow, food bowl, food and a toy.

He is like a small child who has been left alone to care for himself. Pictures released of the dog show a sad look on his face as though he doesn’t understand why he was left alone. There was a chip in Kai, and officers were able to track down an owner who said the dog was sold back to the original owner.

Leaving an animal abandoned in Scotland is a federal offense, so officers are looking for anyone who has any information on who might have left Kai.

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