VIDEO: They Force Him To Sleep By The Front Door. When I Found Out Why? I Keep Crying

Kenny, a war veteran that never hesitated to serve his country, suffered serious injuries as a result. He was wounded in Iraq when a blast happened, the air full of an agent that was able to permeate right through his brain. Kenny has Behcet’s Disease, hearing loss, Traumatic Brain Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A normal day for him had consisted of survival as a soldier, one is trained to kill and endure blasts, the killings and other horrors of the war. A person can not go back to the normal way of living once his instincts are in gear so intensely that they stay stuck. Then the cost can be one’s sanity if paranoia takes over. Well, Kenny wanted to get assistance through the military, but they could not help him, as there were not any benefits for those who had developed disabilities such as he had acquired.

He wanted to do something, so he and a buddy Josh from the military, and an online expert founded “The Battle Buddy Foundation.” It trained dogs and paired them with individuals, at no cost at all to the vet. Atlas the wonder dog became Kenny’s guide.

He could read and “feel” Kenny when he started to get panicky, nervous or have other symptoms from the PTSD or the TBI. This dog was the model chosen for certification, trained to be a loyal companion who will guard the door with his body to protect the vet and many additional terrific feats.

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