VIDEO: They Fly A Drone Over This Food Farm. It Reveals Something Shocking About The Food We Eat

The project was getting a drone to expose Smithfield foods factory farm, but the video was more shocking than they could’ve imagined. The director of “Speciesism: The Movie” had been going around, investigating farms like this one since 2012.

The drone captured several buildings that hold the pigs together, often making these pigs so cramped that they cannot even turn around. Pigs are said to be very intelligent and more self-aware than many other animals which make it all the more horrible.

In a few days, the filmmakers were able to expose a large reddish filled lake which was later found to be the urine and feces of the pigs. It was as big as four football fields. The pigs waste falls through slates in the floor and shoots out into the lake.

The lake fills up and is then emptied, spraying up into the air in a mist that often drifts all the way to neighboring homes. North Carolina has over 2,000 factories like this one with open pits that are similar. Meaning that there are many more animals in North Carolina and around the country getting treated cruelly before they go off and become food for the people.

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