VIDEO: They Find An Exhausted Mom, Then They Find This Inside The House And Everyone’s Stunned

An emaciated pit bull was roaming the parking lot of a local supermarket in New Orleans. After getting a call from the supermarket security guard, the Pit Bulls and Parolees team headed out to search for her. They found the dog and were surprised to see that, judging by her appearance, she was either currently nursing or had just given birth to a litter of puppies.

The dog, affectionately deemed “Mama”, was incredibly friendly when parolee Matt approached her. It was clear that the dog was starved for both attention and food, but when Matt found Mama’s house, it was only 20 feet away from where they first found the dog.

Along with fellow investigator Sugar, Matt approached the house where Mama’s owners were residing. After finding out that Mama’s actual owner was in jail and the owner’s roommate was in charge of her care, Matt and Sugar grew worried for the puppies and asked to take them. The man grew irritated and refused.

Knowing that the puppies’ lives were at stake, Matt and Sugar came up with a new plan. They contacted an attorney, who then got the proper authorization to enter the house. The team was able to rescue the five puppies, several of whom needed medical care. Upon reuniting the little ones with their mom, the puppies were overjoyed and began nursing immediately. Mama was also ecstatic to see her litter returned to her safely.

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