VIDEO: They Drop Their Expensive Jewelry Into This Strange Mixture. The Result Is Awesome

Jewelry can be exceptionally beautiful, but as we all know, beauty eventually fades. This is especially true given the active lives many women lead, everything from typing to exercising to running businesses and managing their husbands can make rings and others accessories to become dull in color. But there is an easy way to keep your jewelry totally lustrous! It is inexpensive, and everything you need for it is likely right in your home.

First, take a glass bowl and line it with aluminum foil. Make sure the shiny side is facing up, or it will not work. Next, place your grimy jewelry in the bowl and pour in boiling water. Add some bi-carbonated soda or baking soda to the water, along with a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of dish detergent, and let it sit for a little while.

The second step involves a wooden spoon and stirring the jewelry around the water/soda mix. Within seconds, the tarnish starts to come off the jewelry as the chemicals react with the aluminum foil. Wait about ten minutes, then lift the foil and drain the liquid into the bowl. Dry off your jewelry with a paper towel and use a toothbrush to get into any crevasses your jewelry might have.

Easy as that! Your rings and accessories will come out looking brand new without having to spend a great deal of time and money at the local jeweler. Best of all, this method is safe for all metals, so don’t be afraid to clean all of your accessories.

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