VIDEO: They Caught A Fast Food Worker Doing WHAT To A Little Kid With No Money

When someone goes to a fast food restaurant to get a meal, they usually have enough money to pay for the food. There are some people who might not have the entire amount, and the workers might let the person have the meal for free. One little girl doesn’t have enough money, and the workers do something shocking.

The little girl went to the restaurant with her brother so that they could get some ice cream. When she started to pay for the purchase, she saw that she didn’t have enough money with her. It’s not that the children don’t have enough money at home. They were conducting an experiment to see what workers do in this situation.

Some workers who make minimum wage sometimes understand what it’s like not to have a lot of money. The children went to three separate locations, and the results are enough to leave one speechless. Some workers will get in trouble if they are short on money in their register at the end of the shift, so it’s a risk if they choose to give someone free food.

One man turned the kids away. Another woman let them have the ice cream even though they were short fifty cents. They gave this woman a note thanking her as well as money for her kindness. A woman at a fast food restaurant accepts one dollar for the ice cream. She also receives a note with money inside. There are still good people in the world.

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