VIDEO: They Brought Their Newborn Home. What Was Waiting Inside To Meet Him? Aww!

Aimee and Chris Knutson did something very unique that they and their new son will be able to treasure for a long time to come. They commemorated her entire pregnancy with a creative and adorable video starring a teddy bear. The teddy bear is basically with them throughout the pregnancy, excited for the birth of baby Henry.

It starts with the teddy bear seeing the positive pregnancy test and showing his excited reaction. Then, the bear is there to witness events such as the building of the nursery, and he does an excited dance when looking at the sonogram on the table. When the baby is brought home, the bear is waiting for him, and he lies down with the baby in the crib. Intermittently, the bear dances around in excitement, anticipating the baby’s arrival. In a way, it reflects the excitement of the parents about bringing their beloved baby home.

The technique used in the video is stop-motion; he camera is stopping and starting repeatedly to create the clever illusion that the teddy bear is walking and moving around on its own.

This video is such a creative idea, and it is such a unique and loving way to welcome their son into their home and the world. Henry’s parents say they want to continue the series and show Henry’s developing relationship with his teddy bear. It will be fun and interesting to see what they come up with as their son grows up with his teddy bear friend.

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