VIDEO: They Begged To Open A Present Early, But What’s Inside Left Them Without Words. LOL!

When one man, Tim Cocker, decided to “surprise” his daughter and son with terrible Christmas presents, he had no idea that the reaction would be priceless. In his effort to show his little ones just how fortunate they are this year, he wrapped up some healthy food items and announced that the children would get to open one present early.

This is when the innocent prank turned absolutely heartwarming. As Tim’s children opened their presents – a banana and an onion – their surprise is immediate surprise. The son is the first to react out loud with, “A banana!”

He appears to be genuinely elated with the gift, and the little girl smiles with her onion as well. According to Tim, he made the video because he knew that his children would be spoiled on Christmas day. He wanted them to know that other children are not as lucky as they are.

Their grateful nature makes it appear as if this is something that has already been instilled in them.

There is no doubt that this video went viral for a reason, although it was posted three years ago. By the end of the video, Tim’s son and daughter are thanking him for their presents. They seem genuinely happy to have received food for Christmas.

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