VIDEO: They *Attacked* Without Warning, But What She Does In Response Has Me AWWing!

It is always adorable to see animals interacting with one another happily. It is even more fun when the animals that are getting along well are of different species. There have been multiple stories online about female animals that took in babies of other species and treated them as their own. Bailey the dog is one of these faux mothers.

Bailey’s owner found 10 baby chicks in the yard one day. No one knew where they had come from, but instead of attacking them like a dog would sometimes attack intruders, Bailey actually adopted these baby chicks. No one knows what happened to their mother, but they now have a surrogate mother in this dog.

She is shown in this video just lazily rolling around on the ground with her new adopted babies, and they are not afraid of this dog at all, even though if she wanted to, she could easily kill them all within a few seconds. Obviously, this is not at all what Bailey wants to do, as she shows clear affection for these baby birds that are now in her care. She tenderly licks and kisses them as if they were her own puppies, which is absolutely adorable to watch.

Bailey’s rapport with these baby chicks just goes to show that animals are more than just their instincts, as Bailey’s instincts would have driven her to make a meal of these chicks by now. They are capable of genuine affection and love, which is truly heartwarming.

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