VIDEO: These Soldiers Slip On Headphones. When They Open Their Mouths, I Got Chills

Five brave soldiers from both the United Kingdom and the United States harmonize together in a rendition of “Coming Home.” Their unity in the recording studio captures the brotherhood among soldiers all over the world who are fighting for freedom.

Three of the men are part of a UK based singing group, “The Soldiers.” The men who make up the UK group are Sergeant Major Gary Chilton, Staff Sergeant Richie Maddocks, and Lance Corporal Ryan Idzi. In 2007, the three men performed together on the hit television show “The X Factor UK,” and did very well.

Since then, the group has gone double platinum in the UK and have bestselling albums. Even though together they have enjoyed great success, these men consider their positions as active soldiers to be their priority. In order to find time to record, they must take time out of their personal deployment.

Two US soldiers, Sergeant Richard Scarlett and Staff Sergeant Tyrone Basnight, join “The Soldiers” in honoring service men and women with their voices. The video of their collaboration also contains images of soldiers coming home to their family and loved ones. It is amazing to see servicemen from two different nations come together to sing a song dedicated to soldiers who have served their countries with pride.

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