VIDEO: These Sisters Perform THIS Country Song, And It’s Absolutely Breath Taking.

Tuva and Mia are sisters that enjoy spending time together like most siblings. Recently, they stepped into a recording studio and shocked everyone. The sisters decided to perform Rascal Flatts’ iconic song “I Won’t Let Go”. It was the first time the duo had stepped into the studio for a performance. In fact, they don’t even consider themselves musicians, but viewers will probably think otherwise!

Before describing the performance, it’s important to note that Tuva and Mia are 11 and 14 years-old, respectively. Each girl sounds like she’s a professional singer with years of experience, though. They power through this emotional song with incredible voices that both sound beautiful yet distinct from each other. Without a doubt, most viewers have been surprised to hear what these young girls are capable of singing.

There’s one detail that we’ve intentionally left out until now. Neither girl speaks English as her first language. For obvious reasons, that makes this performance even more unbelievable. Everyone is convinced the duo has a future in the world of country or another musical genre. Few people will be surprised if such hopeful thinking becomes reality a few years down the road.

In the end, you have to see the studio performance to feel its power. Tuva and Mia can belt out music like veteran performers, that’s for sure. Perhaps the scary thing is that each girl still has room for development in the voice department. For now, fans will have to settle for the occasional performance from this duo.

Here’s the video below!

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