VIDEO: These Little Guys Are Rebelling To Get A Haircut. Moments Later? Cutest Thing Ever!

Brandon and Allan are adorable three-year-old twin boys whose mother decided it was time for them to experience their first haircut. So she gave their dad the mission to get the job done, although neither of the boys seems too excited about the prospect of losing even one lock of their gorgeous thick and curly Afro hair.

Dad decided to document this historical occasion in his sons’ lives, making a video his boys could look back on later in life, possibly when they had their own children facing the same situation.

When the salon stylist, Samantha Howard, goes to work on Brandon, the expressions on both boys’ faces still express uncertainty that this adventure is going to end well. But as she carefully combs out the hair and begins snipping away with her scissors, there’s a tangible excitement in the air about the outcome.

And when the stylist is finally finished, Brandon looks like a new boy and has a wide smile on his face, excited about his more grown-up hairstyle. His dad reports that the stylist put all of his cut hair into a bag for him to take home, and he kept it next to him all night long. Dad expresses amazement that his boys are growing up so fast right in front of his eyes.

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