VIDEO: The Way These Twins Are Conjoined Is VERY Rare! What Doctors Did? UNBELIEVABLE.

Carter and Conner Mirabal are two very lucky conjoined Northeast Florida twin boys. The pair were born through C-section, but conjoined at the abdomen. Traditionally, when twins are born conjoined at the abdomen, a lifetime of togetherness is the final state. Carter and Connor were lucky enough to have their own separate livers and only a portion of their small intestine which needed separation.

These twin boys were unexpected babies for their parents. With exceptional pre and post-natal care from Wolfson Children’s Hospital, the Mirabal family will have two new special additions after only two or three surgical procedures.

The boys are healthy, boisterous and alert which is a great sign going into separation surgery. Conjoined twins will normally have to adjust to a lifetime of difficulties, but the Mirabal twins with soon be able to enjoy life apart.

The Mirabal family considers Carter and Conner to be blessings from God and an answer to prayer despite their temporary condition. The high spirits of both Mirabal parents and newborns create the best possible environment for the separation surgery. The surgery was, in fact, a total success!

Presently, the newly separated Carter and Conner are resting comfortably in their parent’s home. The next months and years will be difficult, but the love of family is sure to get them through it!

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