VIDEO: The Response He Got After Giving This Horse A Kiss On His Face Is Beyond Adorable!

When most people think about relationships between people and animals, they think about cats and dogs. However, horses can have strong and close relationships with humans as well.

They are known for their empathetic demeanor, which actually makes them great therapy animals for people who have suffered trauma and even those who have PTSD. It is not just dogs who can be great therapy animals, although these are the ones who are seen most frequently in hospital settings. Obviously it is much more difficult to transport a horse than a dog, so the therapy will have to be done in specialized settings.

A person can definitely experience a strong bond full of love with a horse. In this video, this is shown very well. This man gives his horse a peck on the cheek, and the horse’s response is extremely beautiful and touching. People would not expect something like this at all, but what the horse does is turn towards the man and kisses him on the cheek right back. It is definitely surprising to see, and it is a good display of the affection between the horse and the owner as well.

This is such a nice moment, and it shows just how capable horses are of love and affection towards human beings. This video will make anyone who has ever thought about getting a horse want one even more, because seeing this will make a lot of people want to experience that love and that bond for themselves.

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