VIDEO: The Next Time Your Husband Calls You Crazy, Show Him THIS Footage!

The article, “The Next Time Your Husband Calls You Unreasonable, Show Him THIS!” by Barbara Diamond reviews a videotaped argument between a screaming and crying 30-year-old woman, and her seemingly unruffled husband. Diamond states that the video’s subject acts like a teenager, throwing the worst tantrum ever, and makes other people look like “Stepford Wives.”

She also hopes that the wife’s “petulant” attitude will improve now that she’s on video, and further comments on the husband’s humor and calm attitude, as well as on the positive give-and-take of mature relationships. In the video, “Whitney” pleads with her husband to take her to the lake, which she says they are “paying for.” The husband refuses, stating that they will get a tire rotation.

Whitney becomes more and more upset as the video progresses, and demands that they stop for cigarettes. He says that they can’t afford to go to the lake, and she says that they can, and that she had mentioned money earlier merely to go over their budget. He tells her she is acting like an 11-year-old, and is upset because she’s not getting her way, and she says that she is having an anxiety attack.

Throughout their altercation, Whitney is extremely volatile and her husband laughs and makes disparaging remarks. Whitney tells him that people at work “make comments” about him, and he responds by saying that after they’ve seen the video, “They’ll understand.”

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