VIDEO: The Family Dog Met His Newborn Brother For The First Time. His Reaction Is PRICELESS!

When first introducing an infant to the family pet, dogs in particular, it is important to consider how your pet will react to the family member. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends that parents get their dog used to the baby’s scent to create a more positive interaction.

Parents can train their dog to smell their hand and then, when the baby arrives, place their hand by the baby’s foot for the dog to follow and become accustomed to the new baby. They also advise that parents pay particular attention to their dogs behavior to ensure they are not overly excited or anxious. If signs of anxiety ensue, parents should discontinue the dog and baby interaction. You can always try again at a later time when the dog calms down.

Despite the ASPCA guidelines for baby and dog interactions, some parents choose a less formal approach and the results can be quite amusing. In the video, the baby and Shih Tzu Yorkie mix puppy, also known as a “Shorkie,” meet for the first time and seem to carry on a whole conversation. An adorable baby girl named Sophie and her puppy, Wickett, converse back in forth for several minutes to the parent’s amazement.

Sophie speaks and Wickett barks back a reply. Baby Sophie seems to be having a great time, smiling and bobbing back and forth on all fours. No doubt Wickett is trying to figure out what kind of puppy he has encountered. The two are a perfect pair.

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