VIDEO: The Crowd Were Reeling When They Saw This Crazy Act. What They Do Is Just Insane!

At five and eight years old, most siblings are fighting over the iPhone and the remote control. Although parents may believe that their children are going to kill each other sometimes, there is usually not any real danger. However, when Billy and Emily of Birmingham, England took the stage for “Britain’s Got Talent” in roller skates, this daily scenario definitely played itself out in a much different way.

The first difference is that Billy and Emily are skating masters at five and eight years old. The second difference is that Billy and Emily have been performing stunts that truly have a great deal of danger involved like they are just getting on the bus for school. When the judges saw what these two kids could do together, it was difficult for them to contain their excitement!

Most of the judges agreed that even if the stunts that Billy and Emily pulled were not on skates, they would still be incredible.

The fact that they were able to pull off a dance routine worthy of Cirque de Soleil while on skates just attests to the fact that you really can do anything that you want to if you can just stop fighting with your sibling long enough to practice your circus acrobatics.

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