VIDEO: Texas Man Drops Letter With Gay Couple That Left Them Trembling

Texas is one of the most conservative states in U.S. This team tried to demonstrate this fact by running an experiment in a local restaurant. They ran the experiment twice. The first time, they involved a female couple while in the second time; they did it with a male couple.

The family had already spoken to the waitress to help them in the act. Thus, nobody in the restaurant knew that the family and the waitress were acting. The actors used hidden cameras to capture the happenings. I was very surprised by what I saw in that video.

The actors wanted to test public opinion about female and male gay families. The waitress was instructed to come in between the families and cause trouble. She does this act perfectly well and even goes to an extent of seeking help. She desperately asks other customers to help her in achieving her goal. The reactions towards the women gay couple and male couple are very different. One man stands up to defend the female couple.

He asks the waitress to serve the couple just like other couples in the restaurant. Another man even went a step further and wrote a support note to the gay couple. It is very interesting to see what the Texas man wrote to the gay couple. Make sure you watch this interesting video to see the reaction of different people towards gay couples. It is a very touching moment.

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