VIDEO: Teen Girls Had Their Home Burgled, But They Did THIS and Got Them Thrown In Jail!

Nashville, TN – Two teenage sisters, ages 13 and 16, acted quickly and calmly when their home was invaded by two burglars recently. Speaking with a local reporter, the 16-year-old said it best when she explained that a home burglary is something no one expects to happen. As it turned out, the young ladies were home alone when they heard a forceful knock on the door. Peering from a safe spot, they noticed two men dressed in black attempting to get into the home.

The girls quickly assessed that their home was soon going to be burglarized. They crawled into the bathroom linen cabinet while the older teen phoned 911. It would be a long fifteen minutes before police officers would arrive on the scene. During that time, the older sister gave the 911 dispatcher valuable information as to what the perps were doing.

As police sirens were overheard, the criminals, Brian Tomberlind and Carlos Murillo, went into panic mode. Tomberlind abandoned his partner in crime and drove off in the getaway car. Police gave chase. Despite ditching the car, officers were able to locate him and take him into custody.

As for Murillo, he sought refuge in the same bathroom as the girls. At one point, they feared he might open the cabinet and discover them. Thankfully, he did no such thing. Instead, he attempted to flee on foot; officers were able to apprehend him. Both men have long arrest records for theft, burglary, and drug charges. The girls are being hailed as local heroes for fending off the burglary of their home.

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