VIDEO: Teen At Lake With Friends Drowns. The Autopsy Reveals THIS Very Scary Truth…

Summer time is a gorgeous time of year. People are buzzing about, going here and there to the beach and pools. It is a time where one has to be very cautious as well when it comes to the dangers the warmest time of the year brings as well.

Sarah Pool was a fifteen year old girl who met a tragic ending much too early. The story starts that she was attending Austin Ridge Bible Church wakeboarding camp on Lake Travis in central Texas after her freshman year of high school ended. Sarah and her friends were fooling around in the water by the back of a boat that was idling.

Without their knowledge, the girls were breathing in the deadly substance that is carbon monoxide. Suddenly, Sarah sunk beneath the lake, as she was not wearing any type of flotation device. It took two days to recover Sarah’s body. The autopsy confirmed the large amount of carbon monoxide in her lungs.

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. A person will not know they are breathing it in until it is already causing enough damage for the body to show symptoms. In the future, to avoid the unfortunate event that happened to Sarah Pool, the United States Coast Guard and the Center for Disease Control recommend following a few tips. Some highlights being to always be in a well ventilated area when near possible carbon monoxide sources, and to install a CO detector on the outside of boats.

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