VIDEO: Stewart Crushes Fox For They Way They Treat The Less Fortunate

Daily Show host Jon Stewart recently ran an episode in which he called out FOX News for their lies about how they perceive poor people. FOX had been stating that they haven’t been in any way unfair to poor people in their news segments, an accusation President Obama briefly made during a public discussion that took place at Georgetown University.

FOX News began running segments in response that did not address the entire rest of the discussion but rather focused on defending themselves from this singular statement made by the President: “The effort to suggest that the poor are sponges, leeches, don’t wanna work, are lazy… if you watch FOX News on a regular basis, it is a constant menu…” FOX News retailiated, attacking Obama and saying that they’ve done no such things.

Jon Stewart called FOX News out on this, stating “It sounds to me like the President has a remarkably firm grasp on your business model, FOX, so why are you outraged?” and on his show he demonstrated several occasions in recent memory on which FOX, and particularly host Stuart Varney, had openly attacked the American lower class.

In the segments Jon Stewart played, FOX News had gone on to call America’s poor “the moocher class” and “freeloaders,” further claiming that they “sleep until noon,” are “sitting on a couch eating bon bons,” and are “sucking off the nipple of the government.” Host Stuart Varney was shown openly admitting on the air that he was unabashedly being mean to poor people.

Jon’s response: “How f—ing removed from reality is FOX’s perception of their own coverage on poverty?”

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