VIDEO: Someone Decided To Pull A Knife On Her. But Little Did They Know Her One Secret.

Everyone is carrying around a secret about his or her past. No, this doesn’t mean everyone has a skeleton in their closet. The man in front of you probably did not murder his wife.

No, the nice lady at the library is most likely not a con artist scheming seniors with overdue book fines. Rather, people carry the secrets of their past experiences and their past knowledge. These secretes do not normally influence events. However, if you have a secret past experience with kung fu, people may not want to mess with you. Something exactly like this happened to a young woman recently.

A woman was out jogging on day in Washington. Everything seemed perfectly normal. Suddenly, she saw two teenagers sitting on their bikes ahead of her. She expected the two teenagers to move, but they didn’t. Instead, on of them began to smirk at her.

One of the boys then started to grope the young woman. She instinctively grabbed his hand. She told him to stop. He stopped, but the teenagers began swearing at her and tried to punch her. She dodged two punches, and delivered two blows to the face of one of her attackers.

It was at this point one of the teenagers whipped out a four inch knife. Using her kung fu knowledge, she backed away using one of the teenager’s bikes as a shield. It was at this point a passerby noticed the conflict and called for help. The teenagers fled. Wow! Watch the video below.

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