VIDEO: SNL Embarrassed Fox In An Epic Way During Anniversary Special. I Can’t Stop Laughing

Weekend Update veteran Jane Curtin joined Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Sunday night for the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, where she delivered a cutting deadpan jab at Fox News. Noting the difference between the landscape of today’s media with how it was when she hosted the segment from 1976-1980, Curtin quipped: “Times have changed since I first sat at this desk.

For example, I used to be the only pretty blonde woman to read the fake news. Now there’s an entire network devoted to that.” With the Fox News logo popping up besides her, the audience breaks into applause over the faux news station being the punchline. Curtin didn’t hide her feelings either, as she followed her joke with a look that clearly expresses how ridiculous she finds the whole state of affairs.

Adding a quick joke to herself that somehow she managed to show less cleavage than the average Fox News correspondent. Considering the sea of blonde anchors on Fox delivering questionable news with a bias spin, it’s not hard to see why the news station would be a joke to many now.

With the caricature nature of Fox News, it just goes to show why more people these days find a comedian delivering the news more trustworthy than many of the news anchors on the faux news network.

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