VIDEO: Six-Year-Old Autistic Student Threatened with Suspension for “Disrupting Class”…

Xavier Graham is six years-old, in the first grade. He attends Acadia Parish School. Recently Xavier’s mother was called to the school because he was speaking out of turn and disrupting class. Usually when this happens the children face a lot of trouble. However, in this instance Xavier’s mother was actually mad at the school officials.

Xavier suffers from autism. Despite the fact that he does well academically, he has difficulty in social situations. This common among people who suffer from autism. School officials stated that if Xavier continued to disrupt class, they would banish him to ISS (in school suspension). If that did not work, they threatened to suspend him for the rest of the year.

The boy’s mother has stated that the only option she has is to home school Xavier. She thinks that Xavier won’t develop properly if is not getting the social interactions he needs at the school. Unfortunately Xavier’s educational plan does not accommodate his learning needs. The school has not classified him as autistic despite Xavier’s doctor’s diagnosis. His mom says that the school needs to do more to help her son and other students with disabilities.

Xavier has returned to school, but it is unclear whether the school will make adjustments to accommodate Xavier’s learning disability.

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