VIDEO: Sick And Tired Of Their Old Dirty Lockers, These Students Do THIS And It Left Me Wide Eyed!

Biloxi, Mississippi – Some faculty members at Biloxi Junior High are donating their time to address an eye sore at the school in a creative manner. It turns out that the school has an entire hallway of lockers, 189 in all, which have been shuttered for fifteen years due to safety issues. While it is unclear why the lockers have not been repaired and put to good use, teachers have found another use for them which they hope will inspire their students. The school is painting the lockers to give them the appearance of book bindings on a library shelf.

The creative murals have each locker door appear to be one of the classics in literature. Elizabeth Williams, one of the instructors at the school, says the hallway now bears the nickname “Avenue of Literature”. Williams is proud of the artwork and believes it will help inspire the gaming console generation to read more books.

Teachers at the school took great pains in selecting the book titles to display. They wanted to make sure that every age group would be able to see age appropriate literature titles on display. In fact, one instructor stated that the true majesty of the project can only be experienced in person.

They are hoping that when school year resumes in August, students will be profoundly influenced by the list of titles on display. It goes without saying that the undertaking was innovative. Likewise, students are in need of reading more literature. Watch the video clip and see what a wonderful work the teachers created.

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