VIDEO: She’s Walking Into Prom. When The Cameraman Turns Around, I Can’t Help But Smile!

A prom is a special time in a girl’s life. It shouldn’t be all about who looks the best while wearing a dress or who has the best looking date. It’s a time to celebrate the end of being in school.

There is one prom that was hosted by a special needs ministry. The people who attended the prom have some kind of special need.

This event takes place in Tennessee each year. It’s similar to any other prom with decorations, refreshments and the chance for the students to attend a dance that they might never have thought they would have been able to attend. All of the guests receive a warm smile when they enter the venue. Pictures are taken so that they can remember the event.

All of the guests are treated with the utmost respect. There are bubbles blowing in the air and guests with amazed looks on their faces. They are able to enjoy a time with friends and wearing formal attire. There are other students who don’t have special needs who attend the prom as well who try to make the guests feel as normal as possible on an important night for so many students.

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