VIDEO: She’s Filming Her 1-Year-Old Daughter…But Never Expected Her To Do THIS! AWWWW

One year old babies can be so unpredictable, funny and cute all at once. Some of their actions leave your mouths wide open, others make you want to laugh forever, while others can make your heart stop.

Well, for this one mom, her baby, Madison, was just going all out. Of course you got to have a piece of cake on your very first birthday and what none better than to get your first chocolate cake. Baby Madison was so enthralled with her new find, she would not let go.

At first, she was not sure what to make of this round, brown piece of food. But one taste of it’s chocolate frosting had her asking for more. Not just a small piece, rather she took the whole cake and left none for her guests! Baby Madison dove right into the cake, head first.

Picking it up with both hands and taking a bite right in the middle, she claimed the cake for herself! It didn’t stop there. With frosting all over her hands, this didn’t stop her. She just started dunking her whole head and face right into the cake. Only coming up for small breathes of air, baby Madison was now a chocolate faced, baby eating cake machine! This cake attack will be one that will live on forever in her family.

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