VIDEO: She Yells, ‘I Love You!’ To The Dog. His Response Left Her In A Fit Of Laughter

Who says that a pet can’t be a part of the family? Certainly not this cute little English Bulldog! As his mom snuggles him close, the puppy, (who also happens to be clad in the most precious little sweater), snuggles his mama right back, while gazing at her adoringly.

What happens next will satisfy the cuteness quota for any animal lover. While cuddling her baby, the mom tells him that she loves him, (as any mom would do for their baby, of course), and this little cutie tells his mom that he loves her right back, in an astoundingly human-sounding voice no less!

Mom is understandably ecstatic, in fact she is moved almost to the point of tears. Was this simple mimicry or something more?

While it is impossible to know for sure, judging from the look of pure adoration in this sweet little English Bulldog’s eyes, one can certainly conclude that he does, in fact, love his mom a great deal! This brilliant little pup makes it clear that pets can provide a great deal of love and affection, just like any other family member.

The heartwarming moments in this video are sure to brighten anyone’s day and put a smile on their face!

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