VIDEO: She Went To The Doctors Tuesday And Hasn’t Been Seen Since. We Need Your Help…

Connie Ditto hit her head and started complaining about head pains on Tuesday night. In order to find out what happened she told her husband Mark she was going to the clinic to see what was wrong. She texted Mark and told him that she needed to get x-rays done and then turned off her phone.

Her daughters drove to Patient First, the clinic she visited, to find out what happened, only to find out that Connie left before her name was called and seemingly disappeared, which greatly different from the text she’d sent Mark.

Mark and the daughters are currently trying to figure out where Connie disappeared to. So far, they’ve looked all over the country, including in place she could have crashed her car, a dark blue 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan. The biggest concern Mark Ditto has is that Connie blacked out while she was driving and crashed her car somewhere unknown.

Police officers in Henrico County, Virginia are looking for any information people might have regarding Connie’s disappearance. Her appearance and a photograph has been released to the public. She’s 5’2″, approximately 115 pounds, and Hispanic with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Anyone with any clues or information is asked to call the police at (804) 501-1000.

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