VIDEO: She Went To Her Car, That’s When She Realized Something Was VERY Wrong

This article is about a group of guys that create a color changing car. The car is a Subaru WRX STI 2015.

They do this by using a specific kind of paint and the use of a remote control. They park the car at a random street. As people walk by, the men change the color of the car. This leaves people in pure shock and amazement.

Many people take pictures. Some people touch the car, and the men change the color upon someone touching the car. This freaks people out even more. Some people run away from the car, and other people think about punching the car.

The men behind this are laughing the whole time because no one knows they are responsible for the car changing colors. Any person that watches this will surely laugh over and over again. It is also funny enough for people to watch it over and over again.

This an original joke that has not been introduced to the public yet. After seeing this video, many people took it upon themselves to go and buy the color changing paint. This video is starting to make an impact on people all over the world.

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