VIDEO: She Went Missing In The Woods. Now Watch What The Family Dog Does.

We have all heard of heroic dogs who have gone to tremendous lengths to save the human beings that they love. Some of them even sacrifice their own lives to save their best friends.

Victoria was a three year old girl who walked away from her house on a very cold February night. She ended up getting lost in the woods behind her house. What happened was that she thought that her dog, Blue, was missing outside, and she snuck out of the house to go look for him.

Of course, Victoria’s disappearance caused an uproar. Cordes Lakes, Arizona was in chaos for 15 hours while search and rescue teams were relentlessly looking through the area. Victoria was finally seen by someone in a helicopter. She was lying in a dry creek bed, and her loyal canine friend, Blue, was right there with her.

Blue is a Queensland Heeler and had been with this little girl since her birth. He stayed with her all night, even as the temperatures went below freezing point.

The medics came to see the dog protecting the little girl. He would not allow strangers to approach her. However, when Victoria stood up and obviously was not threatened by the medics, the dog relaxed, and the two were put into a helicopter and taken to safety.

Victoria was frostbitten, but she was safe overall. Her family, as well as the sheriff’s office, gave the dog credit for saving her life by keeping her warm and alert.

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