VIDEO: She Was Ready To Adopt A Child, When A Hidden Camera Captured THIS. SICKENING

If you could not get pregnant, even though you and your partner tried for 4 years, what would you do? Would you seek adoption for a baby? Most couples wanting to adopt children have done all that can do to produce an offspring, to no avail, so they choose to give their lives to a baby in need, becoming parents.

This is what a couple just did, and they were so thrilled at the thought of getting twins when they were told that they would get the 2 babies. Mark and Holly Gonzales had been scammed by this vicious thief, getting mixed up in her adoption scam. Imagine how hurt you would be if your dream was coming true, then you found out it was a nightmare!

Turns out the woman who told them this twins story was Anne Janel Jones, a deplorable scam artist. CBS television network took the scam to the world by putting this victimized couple on TV. They also went on a secret mission to catch this scam artist, so they pretended to hire a woman to pose as a client.

Jones had conned ten different families with pretense of being one of six persona, and she was also an artist of identity theft.

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