VIDEO: She Was Prepping A Fish For Dinner, What Happens Next Has Me Running Scared

Fish is a popular choice for dinner. It is healthier than many other types of protein. Fish is also filled with healthy fat and low in bad cholesterol. However, it takes a lot longer to prepare fresh caught fish. There is a video of a woman scaling a fish, but something very strange happens as she scales the fish.

She noticed that the dead fish started to flip. The fish did not have any guts, and the woman had also cut off his head. At first, the woman did not pay it any mind and continued to scale and prepare the fish for cooking. However, it began to startle her, and she called her husband.

Her husband could not believe it either. The couple’s dog is also barking so, he also notices that something very strange is going on.

The woman discovered that even though the fish was dead, its muscles were still working. That is how the fish was still able to flip. The woman’s husband decided to record the whole thing on camera. This video has become quite popular on the Internet. It has received over 101,000 views on YouTube. It has also received over 471,000 views on Facebook.

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